Mark Pollitt - Fine Art Photographer Of The Year

Originally from Leeds, Mark emigrated to the USA at the age of 19.

His favourite hobby, as a young boy, was photography and he had to save up hard, by mowing lawns, to buy his first camera.

In 2017 Mark got chance to start taking his photography seriously and he is absolutely passionate about it. His art is not just about what he sees, but about what other people see in it. Mark wants to make his images speak to many people and transport them into his photos. He works on dramatic composition and manipulates colours evoking emotion. His images tell educational and real, interesting, stories of how he took the image. Mark attaches stories to his images.

When the Pandemic came, Mark had been out taking photographs, and people were starting to tell him that they liked his work. He decided to join the British Institute of Professional Photography so that he could learn more about photography and to become a Professional Photographer. He decided in Lockdown to undertake his Licentiate qualification. Mark had to submit a portfolio of 20 photographs, together with a business brief, which went before a panel of Judges. He was successful in qualifying as a Licentiate with the British Institute of Professional Photography in January 2021.

On the evening of 15th September, Mark attended a prestigious Awards Ceremony in Pontefract, where he was awarded the Yorkshire Fine Art Photographer of The Year 2021.

Additionally, he was awarded Landscape and Travel Photographer of The Year for Yorkshire, along with two additional Merits for two of his images.
Mark has set up a photography business to sell his work and will be offering locational workshops.

The next stage of Mark’s journey is studying for his Associateship, with a submission date of Spring 2022.

Mark loves photographing in the English Lakes, The Dales, Northumberland and Scotland, but these are only a few of the locations that he has covered and he hopes to start travelling internationally again, further afield, soon.

Mark’s work will automatically be submitted to the National finals, with the British Institute of Professional Photography in November.

Hope you enjoy my work.
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