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At 98.5 feet (30 metres) high, these horse heads are the largest sculptures in the world. They are called The Kelpies. They weigh 300 tonnes each.

For hundreds of years, Scottish people have described the Kelpies as fairy-tale creatures. Fairy-tale has it that the Water Kelpies lived in all water in Scotland.

The story, told by Scottish families, was that Kelpies changed into humans. Parents used to tell their children these stories, to frighten them. This was to stop their children from going into the water and drowning.

Parents used to tell their daughters stories about Kelpies changing into handsome young men. This story was to make their daughters think about being good.

The Kelpies monument represents working horses. Working horses that once pulled wagons and ships carrying coal. The horses also walked along the side of the canals, pulling barges.

There is a beautiful story of a fairy-tale Kelpie, who was looking for love. The Kelpie changed form, into a man, to win the heart of a lovely woman. He wanted this girl to be his Wife.

The famous sculptor, Andy Scott, from Glasgow, Scotland, made this awesome monument. Andy used two real life horses called Duke and Baron as his models. Duke and Baron were Scottish, working horses.

I was looking up at these giant horse heads, towering above the canal. Once darkness fell, it was exciting to see the color-changing sequences of the lighting, every color making a stunning, eye-catching image. The Kelpies have internal lighting, which seems to breathe life into the horses.

The horses seem to have personalities. They are magical.

Lit with different colors, from red to deep blue, the Kelpies look magnificent. These awe-inspiring, majestic horses, shimmer before your eyes.

I took this photograph when the light from the Kelpies reflected on the clouds. it looked like the horses were actually breathing.

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