Cumbria | Lake District | 17th Century Packhorse Slaters Bridge | Wall Decor

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Fine Art Photographer Of The Year BIPP Yorkshire 2021

Slaters Bridge. A hidden gem. Forever ingrained in my mind.

I’m in fully obsessive mode, after my epic hike, in atrocious weather. The Famous Alfred Wainwright said this was “the most picturesque footbridge in Lakeland".

In the Lake District, a landscape shaped by 2 million years of ice ages, you can experience 4 Seasons in one day.

Slaters Bridge, a centuries old, drystone arched bridge, designed for a packhorse route, carrying slates from mines, is my treasure trove.

Disheartened, cold, wet, with temperatures plummeting and a bridge treacherous to navigate, I balance myself, camera gear, and cross it. Climbing down to the water’s edge, water enters my boots. I wade through river water, wary of falling and getting swept away and stand in icy water. Waiting. Praying.

Suddenly, the rain stops and there is a spectacular ray of sunshine on the hillside.

Slaters Bridge is like a bridge from a fairytale, something out of Middle-earth or the land that time forgot.


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