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Venice – The Arrival
Feast your eyes on this photo as soon it may be a thing of the past and shortly you may never see such sights again in Venice. This photo will then be immortalized in history.

Venice the ‘Floating City’ accepted the arrival of a different kind of ‘floating city’ in the form of a gigantic cruise ship.

June 2021 saw the first cruise ship arrival back into Venice since the Covid Pandemic.

However, cruise ships are eroding the foundations of this historic Italian city. An open letter, compiled by the Venetian Heritage Foundation, calling for a complete ban on any large vessels docking in Venice has been signed by cultural figures and celebrities, including Francis Ford Coppola and Mick Jagger. The letter says the city risks being “swept away” by cruise ships. In July 2021 ships have been banned and re-routed, yet again. They cannot now come into Venice up either The Grand Canal or the Giudecca Canal.

Everyone comes here to see and be seen! Many of Venice’s visitors come from around the world, arriving on cruise ships, which dwarf man, buildings and the magnificent Gondolas, elegantly bobbing up and down on the famous waterways of the Grand Canal.

On approaching this famous, beautiful city, cruise ship passengers must be filled with excitement as they see the truly magnificent sights before them. But, in 2019 cruise ship passengers on one ship were shocked, and some people were injured, when the vessel went out of control and hit the dock, crashing into a tourist boat.

Venice fuels my imagination with its centuries old, almost unchanged, romantic photographic locations, which enable me to produce work which I am truly passionate about. I am so attracted to this fascinating city that it allows me to transport myself into another era. My photography focuses on taking you through the image, and I am keen to work on creating images, with the absence of people, and transport, unless they serve to enhance my work.

When Venice was in flood in Winter 2019, I was staying in this wonderful city, which is not only sinking but it is tilting to the east and battling against flood waters and rising seas.

Weaving my way through the labyrinth of narrow, charming, streets, over pretty, ancient bridges, some lit by old fashioned streetlamps, I felt like I had been transported in a time capsule, back over many centuries to an old Venice, as the city has not altered much over hundreds of years. Venice has been inspirational for artists and adventurers, since it was built, and I imagined living there, in those days gone by, going about my everyday business and seeing Casanova, Antonio Vivaldi, Marco Polo, Carlo Goldoni, Tintoretto and Canaletto.

On this Winter’s morning, whilst most of Venice was sleeping, I was standing on the edge of the Grand Canal, setting up my camera gear, intent on getting some good Gondola photos, thinking about the Painter, Canaletto and his beautiful paintings of the Grand Canal.

Whilst I was busy taking photographs of Gondolas and setting up my compositions, a loud blowing sound of a ship’s horn HOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNKKKKKK, startled me, making me jump ‘out of my skin’. I looked up to see this massive, giant of a vessel, advancing, slowly, into the Canale della Giudecca. The sight before my eyes amazed me and it looked surreal. It didn’t seem possible that such an enormous ship could be coming down that waterway. It provided a distinctive mood.

This is one instance where I wanted to use such a gigantic ship in my photo and I had to act fast.

I realized that I could capture this mega cruise ship as it sailed slowly through my composed image, behind the poles of the old wooden moorings.

I love celebrating the marvelous moments of the sunrise. The sun was coming up quickly now, so I kept shooting the Gondolas and the ship came into my frame, as I had pictured it doing so. I just kept clicking away.

Suddenly an incredible sight appeared, unfolding, right in front of my eyes.

There was a wonderfully calm dawn, bathed in an amazing sunrise, resulting in this beautiful, bold, contrast of old and new in my image, with small, elegant and graceful, Gondolas, being dwarfed by this colossal floating holiday ship. A magnificent spectacle to behold.

The photo provided a peaceful and thought-provoking scene. As the cruise liner was approaching and gliding along this beautiful canal into Venice, I was thinking about the hundreds of tourists about to make many special memories forever and who, if they returned, would never experience the same passage into Venice.

This photo tells a story in its own right. It is so real and atmospheric that you are transported into the photo and it takes the breath away.

You may never see this type of photo again as cruise ships are now banned from entering Venice and the ban may remain in place.

This is where the magic comes from.

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