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Buachaille Etive Mòr

Does this mountain rock? For sure it does!

It is so famous that it appeared in the James Bond film Skyfall, the Bollywood film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and it was the scene of the pop video Whistle Down the Wind. It’s a very romantic location. Lots of weddings take place here, the wedding party use the location as a dramatic backdrop.

A mountain is believed to contain divine inspiration, is the focus of pilgrimages of transcendence and spiritual elevations. Symbolizing constancy, motionlessness, permanence, firmness, stillness and eternity.

A mountain’s peak signifies spiritually the state of absolute consciousness.

We are constantly attracted to beauty. I feel that this scene is a bit near heaven and I guess you will feel a strong pull towards it too. I defy anyone not to stop in their tracks at their first sight of Buachaille.

I had a go at this Scottish pronunciation and you can too: ‘boo – ach – keel – yi” meaning The Big Herdsman/Shepherd of Etive.

Three times now I’ve visited Scotland and every time I have missed the chance to stop here and enjoy Glencoe’s rugged beauty and the atmosphere of this valley, which is ever changing.

This time, though, you will be pleased to know, that I made it! My ever-inquisitive, self, brought me here, at last, to this magical place!

This is a place where you just must be. This giant Gatekeeper to Glencoe and Glen Etive, is a Scottish icon. When approaching from a distance towards Glencoe, this almighty piece of rock is one of the most recognizable and spectacular mountains in Scotland and looks just like a massive Shark tooth. Its pyramidal, classic, shape seems to delight something inside of me. Love it!

What an incredible place to visit! The scenery is just breathtaking! Known as probably the most photographed mountain in the whole of Great Britain. A favorite for climbers, who define it as magnificent and call it ‘The Buachaille’, and for walkers it is one of Scotland’s most graceful, much loved Munro peaks.

Light and weather dominates this dramatic mountain, and the area allows you to experience mood and history.

How I Produced this Image:

Waking up to my usual 3 alarm calls, I didn’t want to leave the cosey warmth of my bed in my little Scottish log cabin. I dressed in many layers of clothing and waterproofs and set out into the darkness of the early hours. There was an eery silence around me. Under my head torch I could see my breath hanging in the cold air. It makes me shiver now thinking about that early, chilly, start. I traveled in the darkness of that bitter cold morning, down very narrow roads and eventually approached the area in front of my chosen hero, which I could not yet see. I was feeling my way along now.

This was without a doubt a tricky approach route as it was wet and slippery. My heart was beating fast with exertion, not wanting to break any of my camera gear, and with anticipation of what beauty was going to be in front of me soon. My footsteps were heavy and slow and I could hear the sound of my sturdy boots cracking through the ice, which had formed over the mud, making it into puddles of mud, resulting in me sinking deep into the muddy ground. As I stumbled and skated along, trying hard not to fall over with my camera, I realized that the terrain was such hard going as it had been raining on and off for a week and the mud had built up to many inches deep in places. It was so bad that it seemed like a herd of elephants must have traveled through!

The mud was like sinking mud. It was making glooping noises as I pulled my boots out of it to get closer to where I needed to be for the best photo. Then! All of a sudden, one leg went one way and the other leg went another way and I was on all fours. Bang! Was my camera gear ok? Was it damaged? I managed to get up, covered in wet sticky mud, running in tiny rivulets down my body, my hands filfthy, and I recovered myself. I won’t tell you what I was thinking! But as much as it was possible, I still was not going back to my warm room. Shaken, I was edging closer and closer to the raging river.

As a photographer, I am always taking risks to get that unique photo. You will know, if you have read my other photo stories, that luckily for me, I just love a challenge!

I was determined to see the awakening of this majestic, snow-capped mountain no matter what.

Now with submerged feet and tripod legs, I set up my camera, took some test shots and waited and waited. I could no longer feel my hands, and my feet were numb inside my boots, as I was standing in freezing water.

The gift that presented itself to me was so worth getting to this spot, as eventually there was an awakening and the morning light started to unfold. The serenity of this beautiful landscape consumed me, it was so moving. It is so contagious you can’t help but take it all in.

The sun started to rise and burst through the clouds. I could feel the warmth of this huge fireball.

Light here is amazing and weather dominates the dramatic mountains allowing you to experience mood and history. I was so happy.

I was completely blown away, by amazing views, the elegant lone tree, the fast flowing, burbling, river. There were timid, wild, Red Deer in the valley. The colors were beautiful.

Buachaille is so prominent and commands its own space and attention and that is exactly what I was giving it – my fullest attention!

Snow on the mountain was truly epic.

Sun was shining and I felt at that moment that there was nowhere better in the whole world to be.

Every time I looked at Buachaille it made the hairs on my arms and neck tingle. The time had come. CLICK! I had frozen the image and captured it forever in time.

You can marvel at this, majestic, brooding, awesome mountain, with its magical covering of snow, bathed in light.

If you can, go yourself and see one of the greatest sights in the British Isles and I hope you love it as much as I do.

I will be back here for more exploring in the future! For now, I gaze at this photo and it transports me into the scene, on a visual trip.


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Great quality on the canvas print!

I ordered the stunning photo of Buachaille Etive Mòr and couldn't have been more delighted with the print. The quality was excellent with the most magnificent colours and clarity and I was blown away by the beauty and majesty of the scene. The item was well packaged and delivered very promptly. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing and purchasing more of your fantastic work.

I was impressed with the quality/resolution of the image on canvas - it looks decent on my wall. Very happy. The item was as described and I received it pretty quickly given that I live in Göteborg, Sweden. Cheers!

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