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Christmas Glow - Gold and Blue Christmas Baubles under Vibrant Christmas Lights in England

Prizing myself away from a cosy couch and open fire, I wrapped up warmly and went outdoors. I shuddered in the coldness of the December night. My eyes watered. Jack Frost nipped my nose. I had been enjoying drinking, steaming, creamy, hot chocolate with delightful, sugary, mini marshmallows. I had made old-fashioned gingerbread cookies. Rich, buttery scent filled my home. I picked one up, to eat, feeling its soft texture. It was pleasantly warm, delicious, sweet, and had a peppery kick.

Roasting chestnuts on open fires, carols, wreaths and kissing under mistletoe are happy, Christmas memories.

I totally love vibrantly lit baubles, producing a feeling of warmth and joy.

I came across this great sight. Big, shiny, beautiful Christmas baubles under sparkling Christmas lights.

The Gold bauble represents warmth, wealth and royalty.

The Blue bauble symbolizes heaven or sky and Jesus’s Mother, Mary.


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