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St Mark’s Square - Breaking Dawn

Everyone comes here to see and be seen! This is one of the world's best-known historical sites, which is surrounded by some remarkable monuments and is a dramatic approach for visitors, making them stop in their tracks in awe.

Standing between the Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco, this charming square, flows to the front of St. Mark’s Basilica, with its riot of domes, stately arches and the soaring campanile. The tall brick bell tower was used by ships as a beacon, guiding them home. The Doge’s palace stands next to it and these are the two most iconic architecturally brilliant buildings in Venice. Napoleon ordered the construction of the third building, the Ala Napoleonica.

Venice fuels my imagination with its centuries old, almost unchanged, romantic photographic locations, which enable me to produce work which I am truly passionate about. I am so attracted to this fascinating city that it allows me to transport myself into another era. My photography focuses on taking you through the image, and I am keen to work on creating images, with the absence of people, and transport, unless they serve to enhance my work.

When Venice was in flood in Winter 2019, I was staying in this wonderful city. While most of Venice was sleeping, I had been out on an adventure taking photographs all over this delightful city.

There are no automobiles in Venice, but during the day time and night time I had obstacles of the rain, and people at every corner sightseeing, taking their own photos, together with ever-present pigeons!

The tide had come up high, with floodwaters, and the whole of Piazza San Marco had been in flood.

I had set out to get a beautiful image of St. Mark’s Square very early, before the tourists coming over in their boatloads and before the crowds were eating breakfast here.

Weaving my way through the labyrinth of narrow, charming, streets, over pretty, ancient bridges, some lit by old fashioned streetlamps, I felt like I had been transported in a time capsule, back over many centuries to an old Venice, as the city has not altered much over hundreds of years. Venice has been inspirational for artists and adventurers, since it was built, and I imagined living there, in those days gone by, going about my everyday business and seeing Casanova, Antonio Vivaldi, Marco Polo, Carlo Goldoni, Tintoretto and Canaletto.

It was cold and dark and raining, when I arrived at my destination. Setting up my camera gear, I tested a few shots, then placed a bag over my camera to keep my lens dry, waiting in anticipation and excitement of what may happen.

The lights were still on and the sunrise was due. I thought all was good, then a person in a yellow raincoat sat down, right in front of the Basilica, and did not move. Frustrated, I ran down the square and asked if it was possible for the person to move, explaining I had been waiting so long for my chance of a good photo. The man had not been aware that he was the only person I could see, and he started laughing, and joking, saying he didn’t want to be in my shot anyway as he was wet and soggy and not looking very photogenic! He kindly offered to come up to my end of the square. He was such a lovely, obliging, man, and I was so fortunate that he was one of life’s kind people, and was moving for me, as these photos tend to be once in a life-time images.

I waited patiently for the darkness to fade and the morning to start to come alive.

I love celebrating the marvellous moments of the sunrise.

Suddenly an incredible sight appeared, unfolding, right in front of my eyes.

You can see that the beauty and attractiveness of Piazza San Marco is largely due to elegant symmetry, harmony of its three sides, enlivened by the burst of the basilica's ornate architecture.

There was a wonderfully calm dawn, bathed in a special light.

My mission to get a beautiful, bold, image of St. Mark’s Square came to completion, with this charming square glowing with pretty reflections under the lights, from the wetness of the paving.

This photo tells a story in its own right. The ambience is so beautiful that it takes the breath away.

This is where the magic comes from.

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