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Name: Angels in Waiting

A less typical view than from the road, and if you have been here before you will know what an iconic and powerful image this is! I had always wanted to get this shot and without people crossing the Bridge of Angels in both directions. I like a challenge.

This image was taken by me, in Rome, ‘The Eternal City’ in January 2020, at the start of the Pandemic, when there was a frenzy of locals and tourists alike buying up all the protective face masks from the Pharmacies, and I was asked if I wanted the last one in a particular store, which seemed really weird and alien to me at the time. I bought one and was wearing a mask myself in January can you believe!

One morning, in the very early hours, after having set three alarms, in my quaint little Airbnb, for 03:30 hours, :40 after and :50 after, a very tired me prized myself out of my warm, cozy bed. Deciding to skip breakfast, and coffee which I love and need to kick start me on a morning, I also made up my mind to call a cab and give my achy feet and aching back a break from having walked and carried my camera gear and tripod over a sightseeing distance of 60 miles already. I needed to get to the Bridge of Angels exceptionally early to be sure of a prime position.

I had planned to be at the Bridge of Angels this specific, wet, winter morning, due to having checked out the weather forecast, and it showed that there would be rain falling overnight and I knew that would create even better image effects.

Competition is fierce for a magical image of the Bridge of Angels, and to get it without any passing people would just make it for me. Like the Big Apple, Rome is a city which never sleeps, and there are always people out on the street, be it tourists, locals or workers. How do you do that? How do you get the image without people in it?

I started exploring, walking up and down the Bridge, walking into the road, back again onto one side and then the other and I finally set up my camera and tripod, at the entrance to the Bridge, looking straight down it, past all those beautiful Angels to the end at which the circular Castel Sant’ Angelo stood. Feeling exhausted, I was really pleased with myself that I had made the effort to extract myself from my soft bed. I had found my spot! I was so happy! I was the only photographer there! Yippee! People were hurrying by and I could hear the click of their heels on the pavement and could smell the dampness in the air and those earthy river smells of the Tiber below.

I took a few test shots in the light of the streetlamps, to ensure my composition was right and that I had everything right in my shot. Excitedly! I stood waiting for the right moment in time! This was almost it! Then came along two photographers, who stood right in front of me, setting up their camera equipment. I could not see. They were blocking my view. It was still dark. Eventually they realized they were in full view of my camera and were not allowing me to get an image. They were sympathetic and moved on elsewhere. That was my first obstacle. Next nightmare! A television crew appeared at the far end of the Bridge of Angels and started flying a Drone up and down and back and forth over the Bridge! It was unbelievable. This is why I do believe in fate. As just when you think everything has gone wrong, you get your chance and a gift presents itself, gracefully to you, to allow you to be the artist you want to be and to give you exactly what you want to work with. My moment had come. Click! Before I set off I had a vision of what my photo may be, but this didn’t come close. It was above and beyond my expectations. The rain had produced a lovely warmth and an incredible texture and glow to the surface of the cobbles and they were glistening under the elegant street lamps.

The Bridge of Angels, completed in 134 AD by Roman Emperor Hadrian, was vitally important in the Middle Ages as it was the only controlled passage for Pilgrims traveling to and from St. Peter’s Basilica. The Bridge of Angels has graceful arches over the River Tiber and is faced with Travertine marble.

Powerful Meaning of Rome’s Beautiful Bridge of Angels:

Adorned by ten strikingly beautiful angel sculptures, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, this incredible Bridge moved me. Emotion welled up inside me. Tell me you love Angels? Look more closely! There is a deep meaning to the Bridge of Angels, one that a lot of tourists never realise and they come in their hundreds of thousands to see it and to walk over it and go away without knowing the secret and deep meaning of its history.

Each Angel symbolizes a part of the story of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death by crucifixion. Look very closely! The Angels are each holding an object. It’s a beautiful way to remember and honor the greatest sacrifice.

Can you just imagine the events, activity and happenings on The Bridge of Angels over those hundreds of years? Certainly, it is very thought-provoking and exciting to think about historically what happened there and what people came to see the Angels, just as tourists and Religeous people come to see it today.

This was a magical moment. What an incredible sight. The Bridge of Angels is awesome. I love looking at this!

Hope you do too!


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