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Hi my name is Mark Pollitt and I’m a landscape photographer.

Until recently I was juggling jobs and my health, before giving everything up, to pursue my photography.

As a little boy I recall Knaresborough well, an extraordinary, charming and unique, English town, perched high on cliffs, above an enchanting gorge and the beautiful, winding, River Nidd. I remember this stunning, medieval market and spa town as if it were yesterday. Knaresborough is a place full of surprises, it has a magical spring that turns objects to stone, and is home to many notable people, including Old Mother Shipton b 1488, England’s most famous Prophetess.

Knaresborough “Knarre” (rmeaning rocky outcrop in Anglo-Saxon) and “Burgh” (Fortress) was originally known as the ‘Fortress on the Rock’ and a settlement sprung up around the Castle. Notorious occupants of this once Royal Castle were the four Knights, followers of Henry 11 , who murdered Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1170.

I remember what seemed like such a very long and steep walk, for my little, matchstick legs, through Knaresborough Castle grounds, in daylight, smelling the freshly mown grass, and then seeing in front of me this spectacular and colossal Railway Viaduct across the Nidd Gorge with a steam train going over it. I remember being thrilled by the sight before me and thinking that this bridge must be stronger than a giant to hold that heavy locomotive. I heard the train engine huffing and could see the thick, dark, smoke, billowing high into the sky, the train clicking and clacking over the tracks and then a very loud hissing sound as the train slowed to pull into the Station. This viaduct was gigantic and powerful. I hadn’t seen anything like it ever. As I looked far below me, I could see people in the distance, on the water, in wooden rowing boats, rowing through the ‘stilts ‘of the viaduct, laughing, joking and splashing around with their oars out of control, having such fun.

I always wanted to return to this medieval town, with its pretty streets, cobbled alleys, and stone stairs, weaving up and down, in and out, of the hillside. So many people talk about, and fall in love with, this beautiful North Yorkshire stunner and people have been asking me to take a photo of it, to do it proud.

A couple of weeks ago, on a beautiful evening, I drove to Knaresborough, following the same route as I had as a child, this time marching through the Castle grounds at great speed, carried by long, strong, legs, taking extended, urgent strides to get to the Railway Viaduct in time for the prime light, all the time thinking about those days of innocence and my small, tired, legs, but how it had been so worth the effort because of the colossus that had presented itself to me.

I felt the same feelings this time as I had felt as a child.

I reflected as I stood there, enjoying this Stalwart in all its glory, it being boastful of its strength at 170 years old. The sunset afforded additional stillness to the water, providing stunning reflections.

There was a unique quietness, peacefulness and grace in this image of this sought after location.

This is certainly one of the most delightful images I have exhibited, a magnificent statement piece and one which I am pleased to be able to share with you.

Feel free to reach out if you would like a picture.


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