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Reflective English Fisherman on a Mirrored Graceful River

I have waited for such a long time to find a shot like this, where the image is completely calm and peaceful.

For me, my photography, makes memories and freezes time. One thing that drives me as a Photographer is finding a unique photo. Sometimes maybe a photo has been taken before, but I have my own unique way of putting a spin on it to make it look like no other. Sometimes the best photos come from the least expected times.

Good thing that I like a challenge!

My photographs always tell a story and the photo links you to the moment with an experience. The photo links that moment to an experience and when you look at the photo you are transported back and re-experience those sensations. I have found that a very good photo, even when that person has not experienced it can bring back a fond memory.

One quiet weekday afternoon I had an impulse to go to Naburn Lock, a very pretty location with a working, historic, Lock, in the tranquil English countryside, about 4 miles from medieval York. This is where the River Ouse splits into two, round an island, one side which flows into a weir with Salmon leaps, and is energized with bubbly, fizzing, water which cascades, at hundreds of gallons a minute and thuds down, crashing onto the dangerous rocks below, like white stallions drawing their chariots, charging down the Circus Maximus.

By incredible contrast, on the other side, where the Fisherman chose to sit, is a serene and graceful stretch of water, producing dazzling, mirrored reflections of the billowing white clouds, and trees, with their outstretched branches, absent of their golden, russet leaves, which have long since abandoned them to make a blanket of gold upon the water’s surface. I could smell Mother Earth’s earthiness in the river waters below me.

Here there was stillness and an eerie silence, but exquisite calmness, the water being obedient and waiting patiently and calmly until it is admitted into the Lock. No wind, no ripples, with the sun slowly descending, casting a beautiful light.

I found a spot that I liked, taking care not to fall into the dark, beckoning, water below, or to disturb the Fisherman. I set my camera up, where I could represent the alluring reflections and calmness of the image, as I wanted the viewer to feel like they were standing right there.

This is an interesting place where you can smell the lushness of the thick, green, grass, find shade under the trees, discover beautiful scenery and be at one with nature and her many visitors of Heron, Wagtails, Geese, Ducks, and Swans. Naburn lifts your spirit and mind and you can easily get lost in your thoughts here, just like this Fisherman.

I am not sure what makes this place so special, maybe its the peace you can find here, and it reminds you of such a simple time, with no stress, and allows you to relax and enjoy.

I took this photo, which I feel captured the moment. It felt so majestic. Do you agree?

This shot was taken of a very elderly, local, English Gentleman, with his wooden walking stick by his side, who was deep in thought, fishing.

There were no traffic sounds here, no engines roaring, no honking horns, no pollution, no honky tonk bars, no mixed fast-food food smells, no footsteps on busy pavements and no street performers.

I didn’t want to startle this Gentleman, so I then gently said “Hi” and he told me that he had been coming here for years, week on and week out, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city because he felt so at peace here. The fishing to him was secondary to the enjoyment that he was gaining from the solitude. That summed it up for me.

This was a magical moment. I love looking at this!

Hope you do too!

This is a photo capturing a beautiful story of calmness, which you can experience every day.

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